Q: What is Offline Circulation?

A: It is a program used to track circulations when you cannot access the server. Download the complete instructions for using Offline Circulation.

Q: How do I install Offline Circulation?

A: Instructions and a download link can be found on the downloads page

Q: What are the limitations of Offline Circulation?

A: You cannot search for a borrower. You need to have the borrower's ID available.
There is no way to determine of a student has overdue items
It will not alert you to any mis-scans. Double check the barcodes after scanning.

Q: When starting Offline Circulation I am being asked to append or overwrite the transaction file, which should I choose?

A: If you have not synced the transactions, choose append. If you have used LS2 Staff to circulate and didn't sync the transaction file, you should choose overwrite. Otherwise more recent transactions could be overwritten.

Q: How do I sync the transactions?

A: From the utilities menu, click sync transactions. Enter the Offline Circulation username and password. Once the sync is complete check the error log if prompted.

Q: After syncing, I got a message that one or more errors occurred. How do I check the errors?
A: The error log (sync.err) is located in the installation directory. In Windows this is usually C:\Program Files\The Library Corporation\Library.Solution\Circ\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\The Library Corporation\Library.Solution\Circ\. If prompted to select an application to open the file with, select Notepad.

Q: How do I search for students?

A: Offline circulation does not have borrower information. You need to use the ID number.