Reports Manager has been upgraded to LS2 Reports.

Access LS2 Reports at (Only available within the CPS network)

Q: Where can I find "Joe's Top 10 SOAR Reports" to support REACH assessment?

A: See this slideshow for a list of reports that were shown during the "Taking a Closer Look at REACH Teacher-Librarian Evaluation and Library Advocacy" PD.

Q: I am unable to login. The error message is "AAA-SYS-0001"

A: Be sure to you are using \ and not / in your username. (e.g. instr\jdoe)

Q: When I try to print a report in Chrome, I am getting a blank page.
A: This message is a result of an issue with the PDF viewer in Chrome. Save the PDF to your computer, then open it up with Acrobat Reader (or other PDF software).

Q: A student returned an overdue book today, why are they still showing on the overdue report?

A: The overdue reports are gathering data from a overnight process to minimize system lag during peak hours. It does not take into consideration check-ins performed after the process was run.
The overdue notice report in the Frequently Used Reports folder has been updated to be real-time.

Q: I cannot find a spine label report that works with the labels that I use, can you create one?

A: Yes, please mail a sheet of the label stock to the attention of Joe Horning at the Department of Libraries, GSR 35.

Q: How can I run overdue report notices?

A: Watch this video.

Q: How do I print new or replacement spine labels?

A: Watch this video.

Q: Can I schedule a report to run every week?

A: Yes, reports can be scheduled to run on a reoccurring basis.

Q: What labels should I buy to create spine labels?
A: The following label stock has been confirmed to work with the existing reports.
WS14200000 - 15/16" x 1-1/4"
WV14942230 - 3/4" x 1"
WS14216190 - 1" x 3/4"
WS14942260 - 1" x 1-1/2"
WS14942270 - 1" x 1-3/5"
WG14216170 - 29/32" x 1-1/2"
WS14916680 - 15/16" x 1-1/4"
WG14218030 - 1-2/3" x 1"
5430 - 3/4" x 1-1/2"

Q: Can I run a report that will list all of the items in the catalog that might need the addition of an ISBN in order to be merged in the nightly upgrade process?

A: Yes. Items without ISBNs cannot be merged with a full MARC record and will receive the benefit of enhanced content such as cover art, table of contents, editorial reviews, reading level information, etc.

To locate a list of items in your school catalog that are candidates for a MARC record upgrade, go to Public Folders > Cataloging Related Reports > Listings > Title Level Information. Run the report "Titles w/o ISBNs by Location". Be sure to select your school location and All titles.
external image LZ2DsaJeFHPon0lRESEQ6ot6_Q2dwuZo5-Mk60i2KhMVY8kcGRvulukZ_R9BYT28HOftvMYHTHTP8Ut6qECQEbZcRonH8vnVNdB2MMVpOQx5St_LCIKSny3MWFOUrq_SsgLehvNJwg

Q. How do I get a list of items in the STAFF collection?

A: Running the "Items in a Collection" report will provide a list of all of the items in a selected collection. The report is located in Public Folders > Cataloging Related Reports > Listings > Item Level Information. For a list of items in the STAFF collection, run the report "Items in a Collection". Be sure to select "Owning" as the Holdings Code Type, your school location, and "ASK AT DESK" as the Holdings Code. Uncheck Select Earliest Date Added and Select Latest Date Added.