Q: How do I manually add an item?

A: In circulation, click on the "Staff Services" tab. Select "Titles and items". Change the search field (in the drop-down menu) to ISBN and search for the ISBN of the title. If there are no results, uncheck the "Home location only" button. If there is a result, select the item to bring up the record. Click on the "Add Item" button at the bottom of the page (NOT the "Add OTF" button). Enter the Item ID (unique barcode), collection, call number, and any other desired information and click the "Save and check-in item" button.

If there is not a result, click the "Add OTF" button. In the left column, enter the title, author, publisher, year, and ISBN, as well as selecting the format. In the right window, enter the Item ID (unique barcode), collection, call number, and any other desired information and click the "Save and check-in item" button. A nightly process will run to upgrade the item to a full MARC record if one is available. Video

Q: How do I upload vendor records from file or disk?

A: Insert disk or save the file to your computer.
In LS2 Staff, click on the "Staff Services" tab.
Select "Upload & Merge".
Click the "Browse" button next to the dialog box.
Locate the file, usually named "microlif.001" and click "OK".
Click on the "Save" button.
Depending on the number of records in the file, this process may take a few minutes. You do not need to stay on this tab during the process. Video

Q: How do I mark an item missing?

A: Select Special Status on the Check In screen.
Enter the Item ID or title of the book.
If searching by title, you will need to select the correct barcode from the list
Choose Missing: Staff Action in the pop up and click OK Video

Q: I added an item as an OTF. Why has it not been upgraded with the full MARC record?

A: The upgrade process runs every night. If the process is unable to process all of the items in the queue, those items will be upgraded in the next evening's process. If the record has not been upgraded after a few nights, it may be because we do not have access to a MARC record for this item or there are spelling errors in the title. Check the record in LS2 Staff and verify the title and ISBN. If everything is correct, contact the Department of Libraries to discuss options for manually cataloging the item.

Q: How do I transfer weeded items to the withdrawn collection?

A:This can be done using Item Transfers.
In LS2 Staff Click Staff Services
Click Item Transfers on the left
Check Change Owning Holdings Code
Check Clear Circulated by Holdings Code
Select Assign to New Collection Within This Location
On the right select Withdrawn(WD) for the New Collection
Scan the Items into the Select Items box.

This does not delete the items but places them into the Withdrawn collection which is hidden from the OPACs. Items in this collection longer than 1 year will be deleted each summer. If you would like them removed sooner, send me an email and I can have them removed.

Q: How do I add an ISBN to a brief MARC record?

A: In LS2Staff, search for the item and open the title level record. Select Edit Title from the Actions Menu.

external image 79nM4fWqf844LcnJTnzlvINK_16h7_3VhxmZthnARhY5qsiBQqvc1iE8hEa72PpqufbtIWknIz4dsxVG8pLnUOISbk0aPtePvgzMm38Yja24-Xri5_oTlWATKoHk42a1ZP00r4hmrQ

Select Add or Show Numbers, and enter the ISBN in the field that appears in the right of the window. Click the green +. Save the changes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.52.41 AM.png

Q: How do I correct an item that is currently located in the STAFF collection (ASK AT DESK)?

A: In LS2Staff, search for the item. Select the edit item button to open the editing window.

In the Edit Item window change the collection from ASK AT DESK (STAF) to the correct collection, e.g., fiction, non-fiction. Be sure to correct the circulated by collection as well. After you have updated the collection, add the correct classification (e.g., Dewey number, FIC, E, etc.) and Cutter.