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Q: How do I log in to SOAR circulation?

A: In order to be able to log in to SOAR circulation, the principal must have designated you as a librarian or library assistant in ODA. Once the principal has assigned you to this role, contact the Department of Libraries to be granted permissions to the school catalog. Once these permissions have been assigned, you can log in using your CPS credentials. Your userid must be preceeded by the domain (either instr or admin), e.g. instr\jdoe. Video

Q: Why can I no longer log in to SOAR circulation?

A: Make sure that you are including the domain as part of the user id and that they are separated by a backslash and not a slash, e.g. instr\jdoe.

Q: I am unable to access SOAR circulation from home.

A: You need to first log on to the CPS VPN. If you do not see library listed on the pop up window, you will need to request access
  • Fill out this form ( Be sure to include your supervisor’s name in the Manager field. In the “Default remote access” field, click the check box and in the comment field enter the group:~ DG-VPN-Library_Instr. Your supervisor will then receive an email and must approve the request after which you will then be added to the group.

Q: Can I have an limited account created for volunteers?

A: Yes, Volunteer or Self Checkout accounts can be requested by completing this form.

Q: What are the keyboard shortcuts for navigating circulation?

A: F1 - Help
F2 - Check Out screen
F3 - Check In screen
F4 - Titles and Items screen
F6 - Requests screen
F7 - Messages screen
Esc - Will clear the borrower infromation when on the Check Out screen
F2 and F6 will take you to the Borrower Services tab if a borrower is not currently loaded