Q. How do students log in to the LS2PAC?

A: Students and teachers log in with their CPS credentials, the same username and password used when logging in to other CPS applications.

Q. How do I embed a link to a saved search or list in a web page?

A. To embed a link to save search or list in a web page, log in to the LS2PAC, go to your account, select the saved search or list to which you would like to link and click on the orange RSS button. rssFeedIcon16x16.png A new web page will appear that displays the saved search or list with a new URL. The URL of the new web page is the link to the search or list. However, it is necessary to prepend a string of text to the URL so that it will display in all web browsers. (Some browsers, such as Chrome, do not natively display RSS feeds.) When creating the link in the web page, the following text should be added to the beginning of the URL:

A correct RSS link would look like this:
Science Fair Reources

Video demonstration:

Q. How do I access and use eBooks or eAudiobooks with students?

A. The Department of Literacy: Libraries has two videos on the Information for You page in the Knowledge Center that demonstrate how to access and use eBooks and eAudiobooks in the CPS Virtual Library for elementary students and the CPS Virtual Library for high school students. (Available with CPS login.)