Consultants are available to assist non-automated schools in cycle 7 in the retrospective conversion of the library using MARC Set Go. The assistance will be limited to two consultants for one school day (approximately 8:30 – 3:30) PM.The library and the the librarian must be free of classes for the entire day.

Assistance is limited and will be provided to schools in the order in which they complete all of the requirements, with preference given to schools that intend to complete the conversion during the current implementation cycle.

1. Estimate how many items in the collection do not have barcode labels and order barcode labels. Submit copy of PO for barcode labels to Christie Thomas by email or fax (773.553.6211).
2. Submit a signed participation agreement.
3. Complete the school profile form.
4. Contact Christie Thomas in the Department of Libraries to confirm that steps 1-3 have been completed and identify at least two dates on which the library and librarian will be freed for the conversion. These dates should be two to three weeks after the barcode order label has been faxed or emailed to The Library Corporation to ensure that the barcode labels are on site for the conversion.

*See Implementation section of this wiki for all links and documents for the application process.

Available dates for assistance in Fall 2012-2013 are indicated in the calendar below with dates marked "ReCAP Available". (Dates marked "ReCAP SCHEDULED" have already been taken.)