Q: How do I perform an inventory?

A: Download the Real Time Inventory Handout for step-by-step instructions. You can also watch a video here.

More inventory related questions can be found on the Inventory FAQ.

Q: How do I transfer weeded items to the withdrawn collection?

A:This can be done using Item Transfers.
In LS2 Staff Click Staff Services
Click Item Transfers on the left
Check Change Owning Holdings Code
Check Clear Circulated by Holdings Code
Select Assign to New Collection Within This Location
On the right select Withdrawn(WD) for the New Collection
Scan the Items into the Select Items box.

This does not delete the items but places them into the Withdrawn collection which is hidden from the OPACs. Items in this collection longer than 1 year will be deleted each summer. If you would like them removed sooner, send me an email and I can have them removed.

Q: Can I run a report that will list all of the items in the catalog that might need the addition of an ISBN in order to be merged in the nightly upgrade process?

A: Yes. Items without ISBNs cannot be merged with a full MARC record and will receive the benefit of enhanced content such as cover art, table of contents, editorial reviews, reading level information, etc.

To locate a list of items in your school catalog that are candidates for a MARC record upgrade, go to Public Folders > Cataloging Related Reports > Listings > Title Level Information. Run the report "Titles w/o ISBNs by Location". Be sure to select your school location and All titles.

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Q: How do I add an ISBN to a brief MARC record?

A: In LS2Staff, search for the item and open the title level record. Select Edit Title from the Actions Menu.

external image 79nM4fWqf844LcnJTnzlvINK_16h7_3VhxmZthnARhY5qsiBQqvc1iE8hEa72PpqufbtIWknIz4dsxVG8pLnUOISbk0aPtePvgzMm38Yja24-Xri5_oTlWATKoHk42a1ZP00r4hmrQ

Select Add or Show Numbers, and enter the ISBN in the field that appears in the right of the window. Save the changes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.52.41 AM.png

Q. How do I get a list of items in the STAFF collection?

A: Running the "Items in a Collection" report will provide a list of all of the items in a selected collection. The report is located in Public Folders > Cataloging Related Reports > Listings > Item Level Information. For a list of items in the STAFF collection, run the report "Items in a Collection". Be sure to select "Owning" as the Holdings Code Type, your school location, and "ASK AT DESK" as the Holdings Code. Uncheck Select Earliest Date Added and Select Latest Date Added.


Q: How do I correct an item that is currently located in the STAFF collection (ASK AT DESK)?

A: In LS2Staff, search for the item. Select the edit item button to open the editing window.

In the Edit Item window change the collection from ASK AT DESK (STAF) to the correct collection, e.g., fiction, non-fiction. Be sure to correct the circulated by collection as well. After you have updated the collection, add the correct classification (e.g., Dewey number, FIC, E, etc.) and Cutter.